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  • Autonics Temperature Controller India

Autonics Temperature Controller India

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Autonics Temperature Controllers Dealer Supplier Distributor India Best Price

Temperature controllers are used to identify measured temperature and release output to maintain desired temperatures. Apple Automation And Sensor are authorised distributor, Dealer, supplier of Autonics Counter in India and offer Best Price with prompty delivery. Most of the running series and models stocks in india. For Attractive price, OEMS Can contact us Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Ghaziabad.

TN Series2-DOF PID Temperature Controllers (Program/Fixed Control)
TH4M SeriesLCD Temperature/Humidity Controllers

TR1D SeriesSlim Single Display PID Temperature Controllers

TMH SeriesModular Multi-Channel High Performance Temperature Controllers

TX SeriesLCD Display PID Temperature Controllers

TK SeriesHigh Performance PID Temperature Controllers
TCN SeriesEconomical Dual Display PID Temperature Controllers

TC SeriesEconomical Single Display PID Temperature Controllers

TA SeriesAnalog Non-Indicating Type PID Temperature Controllers
TZ SeriesDual-Speed PID Temperature Controllers with Protection Cover (Discontinued)

TZN SeriesDual-Speed PID Temperature Controllers (Discontinued)

TM SeriesModular Multi-Channel PID Temperature Controllers

T3/T4 (Thumbwheel Switch) SeriesThumbwheel Switch Digital Temperature Controllers

TC3YF SeriesRefrigeration Temperature Controllers

TF3 SeriesHigh Performance Refrigeration Temperature Controllers

T3/T4 (Indicator) SeriesDigital Temperature Indicators

KPN SeriesBar Graph Temperature Controllers 

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FAQs Related to Autonics Temperature Controller India

What are the situations where it is required to install a temperature controller?

A temperature controlling system is a good option for the application if the below-written points are targeted:

Gain tighter control over your process temperatures.

Save time and money

Regulate the heating and cooling process.

How do a temperature controller and sensor shooter work?

Usually, the mechanism is such that the controller takes an input from the temperature sensor like an RTD or thermocouple. The sensor then displays a digital readout of the measured temperature followed by an automatic on or off sequence to achieve the desired temperature at the mentioned set point. The sensor is connected to a control element like a heater or fan.

Where are the temperature controllers often used?

Temperature controllers or the PID are usually installed in applications where the user has a constant requirement to regulate the temperature or create certain conditions where the temperature increases or decreases as the specified set point. Industries like thermoforming machines, packaging machines, food processing, food storage, plastic extrusion, injection molding machines, and blood banks need to install temperature controllers.

In industrial applications, what is the role of a temperature controller?

For any industrial application, a temperature controller controls industrial or laboratory heating and cooling. The sensor measures the actual temperature in the general model and compares it with the previously set temperature. Thereby it makes an effort to reach the set temperature by either cooling the temperature with a fan or raising the temperature with the use of a heater.

What is temperature control in food handling?

The fundamental principle and basic prerequisite for food safety in the food industry are that the food handlers regulate the temperatures. This refers to a process in which the temperature of all the food is controlled to ensure that it is safe for consumption. If the temperature is not controlled, it could result in food-borne illness, lawsuits, fines, and poor inspection ratings.